Managing your property needs.

LevelUP provides key property portfolio management services for all different types of residential landlords including private, retail and investment landlords. At LevelUP we care about our clients, our focus is to provide a property management service that is different from the rest.

If you or your company has a number of properties to be managed, we’d be very happy to take your call.

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Smooth, seamless and streamlined service. More efficient property management. Why settle for 2nd best?

Efficiently managing your portfolio of properties.

Managing a property portfolio can be a challenge, especially if property management isn’t your core business or day job. LevelUP takes the stress out of the process, ensuring your property portfolio is well looked after.

You can trust us with portfolio review, client credit control, and repairs and maintenance. Keep your tenants happy and also have a system that runs efficiently and can be automated. You can enjoy longer tenancies and shorter void periods to ensure your money flow is as consistent as it can be, allowing you to focus on your core business.

Whether you are a commercial or residential focused landlord, LevelUP’s professional services are designed to consolidate your property portfolio effortlessly and allow them to be managed with ease.

Why LevelUP?

LevelUP is different. We have ambition and want to change the way property management service is delivered.

We deliver a tailored, bespoke service through open and transparent channels of communication afforded to us by better use of new technology.

Changing the face of portfolio management.

We will manage every aspect of your portfolio for you and guide you through the process to make it easier on you.

LevelUP takes care of all the admin works such as agreements, deposits, inspections, repair records, service charge collection, renewals and terminations so you are left with a full list of your property portfolio with accurate information of where each one stands. Our customer service is second to none and if you manage your property portfolio with us you will find us easily contactable and co-operative.

For every property we manage, we will carry out regular inspections. We will highlight issues for you and keep them in a property profile so you always know which property has which issues to be resolved. Managing your portfolio will be easier than ever and you will no longer need to struggle through piles of paperwork to stay on track.

A Community Feel

If we are managing a block of flats or group of properties in close proximity, we create a community. We care about the well being of your tenants.

Management Systems

Our diary management allows our experienced property managers to have full control over rent reviews, lease end dates, safety checks – ensuring nothing gets overlooked.

and Safety

We believe the health & safety of both your residents and the buildings in which their businesses operate is of paramount importance.

via technology

We are at the forefront of communication in the property management industry. We use modern communication mediums to ensure any tenant issues are dealt with quickly and efficiently.