Specialist block management in London, Milton Keynes
and the home counties.

At LevelUP, we have a shared belief that residents living in flats and block accommodation deserve better. A better service. A better environment. A better home.

We also believe that the methods currently employed in block management are outdated – property management is stuck in its ways and it’s our mission to change it. Our block management services in London and Milton Keynes are designed to inject fresh energy, enthusiasm and life into modern property management.

Looking for a block management company in London or
Milton Keynes?

We are a people first, technology led property management company. We believe in the power of relationships, communication and always providing the power to the customer. Engagement and communication are vital in this industry. We watch, listen, learn and apply to make sure we invest where it will create the biggest impact. Our communication-based digital platform ensures nothing is missed, so you can rest assured that your property is the best it can be .


Quality Resident Customer Service

High-quality customer service is vital to creating a transparent and open communicative space. We pride ourselves on attention to detail, listening and taking on board every word from the customer.

Financial Services

Our transparent and efficient financial services make keeping track of budgets easier than ever. Handling finances in property management shouldn’t mean added stress.

Property Repair and Maintenance

LevelUP deals with all aspects of day to day repairs and maintenance of properties promptly and efficiently. We will also advise on major contract work and the use of specialist professionals and contractors.


Every block is different, and we understand that each requires a different service. LevelUP can create a bespoke service tailored to the needs of the individual block or property and its residents.