LevelUp’s 5 Top Tips for Landlords to save money

tips for landlords to save money

Want to save money?

Fed up with high costs?

LevelUp’s 5 Top Tips for Landlords to save money

  1. Fees

Agent fees are at the highest they have ever been, with the Tenant Fee Ban meaning tenants can no longer be charged some fees – it is the landlord who has had to plug this gap.

LevelUP does not charge our landlords any set-up or inventory fees.

  • Property maintenance costs

Every landlord knows the pains of having to pay for those unforeseen maintenance issues.

LevelUP complete quarterly property inspections, ensuring that the landlord is fully aware of the condition of the property so there are no surprises.

  • Compliance

There seems to be a new form of legislation coming into force every week, whilst we all appreciate these are there to ensure the safety of tenants it is still the landlord who has to cover these costs.

Whilst LevelUP ensures all the properties we manage are compliant with current legislation we also monitor any changes that are due to take place as far in advance as possible allowing the landlord to prepare their budgets accordingly.

  • Arrears

Every landlord’s fear tenants not paying their rent meaning that income stops.

LevelUP credit controllers have a 100% collection rate safeguarding our landlord’s income.

  • Void periods

Empty properties mean loss of income, increased expenses, and liabilities i.e., council tax and utilities plus the possibility of the property deteriorating.

LevelUP’s rent guarantee scheme offers our landlords total peace of mind, with no void periods or loss of income guaranteed.

LevelUP is here to save landlords money and time. Our experienced team are here ready to help you today.  Contact us now

tips for landlords to save money