Serviced accommodation property managers.

Serviced Accommodation can provide rewarding yields, but the additional work can create headaches for Landlords unfamiliar with this niche area of property investment.

LevelUP’s comprehensive portfolio of services, partner relationships and proactive approach to problem solving positions us perfectly to manage unique serviced accommodation on behalf of investment Landlords.

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Our residential property management services.

Every home is different. Every apartment block is different. We understand that each requires a different service. LevelUP’s flexible, bespoke, personal service is tailored to your individual needs and requirements.

Every home is different. Every apartment block is different. Every holiday home is different. We understand that each requires a different service, and the unique attention to detail and hands-on management approach that’s required for serviced accommodation property makes it one of the fastest paced types of management that we provide.

Why LevelUP?

LevelUP is different. We have ambition and want to change the way serviced accommodation management  is delivered.

We deliver a tailored, bespoke service through open and transparent channels of communication afforded to us by better use of new technology.

Changing the face of serviced accommodation management.

Our serviced accommodation management service can be tailored to your individual needs.

Serviced accommodation is a relatively new concept that’s rapidly growing in popularity with Landlords throughout the UK and abroad. The rise of platforms such as AirBnB have simplified the holiday letting process and allow for individuals to promote their property with ease to a larger audience than was ever previously reachable.

But serviced accommodation comes in a multitude of different forms, it’s an inherently bespoke service. Many Landlords look to arrange short-term tenancies with travelling working professionals, consultants and company lets in our 21st century “gig economy”.

It’s important that our dedicated property manager understands the unique requirements of your rental asset so that we can create the most effective and flexible solution. We can advertise across a range of digital platforms, clean and carry out inspections as regularly or infrequently as required by the Tenants that reside in your property.

A Community Feel

If we are managing a block of flats or group of properties in close proximity, we create a community. We care about the well being of your tenants.

Management Systems

Our diary management allows our experienced property managers to have full control over rent reviews, lease end dates, safety checks – ensuring nothing gets overlooked.

and Safety

We believe the health & safety of both your residents and the buildings in which their businesses operate is of paramount importance.

via technology

We are at the forefront of communication in the property management industry. We use modern communication mediums to ensure any tenant issues are dealt with quickly and efficiently.