LevelUP in London : Hot Topics From Our Event

LevelUP in London : Hot Topics From Our Event

On Thursday 31st January, we hosted our grand LevelUP launch event at Gordon Ramsay’s Bread Street Kitchen in the City of London. With networking, guest speakers and even bottomless pizza on offer, it was a truly action-packed evening. Want a rundown of the top takeaways from the event? Check out our YouTube highlight video by clicking here.


Within our industry, as with many other industries, we believe it is so important to foster reliable and lasting working relationships.

One of our fundamental aims of the event was to establish connections and expand our network. We wanted to create an environment centred around networking, not only as a chance for us to get to know you, but for you to get to know the other people in attendance.

LevelUP is of the mindset that the property management industry is becoming vastly outdated.

In an industry as established as property management, it can be difficult for people to see beyond the current state it is in. It’s almost as though “If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it”, well what if it is broken?

We all know this is an industry with flaws, but we believe that it is the job of pioneering companies, such as LevelUP, to identify those flaws and provide the necessary solutions.

It’s time for a change. With such a high volume of companies providing the same level of inadequate service, we knew LevelUP had to be different. We are glad to say that we are.

Guest Speakers

It may have been our grand launch event and whilst we were certainly keen to discuss the ways in which we are changing the property management industry, we did not wish for the evening to be solely focused on LevelUP. We felt it hugely important to introduce other perspectives and we were very lucky to have some truly insightful and highly knowledgeable individuals deliver talks on the evening:

Mike Hammond

Our first guest speaker of the evening was Michael Hammond. Michael is the founder of Property TV; the UK’s only television channel dedicated especially to property. He delivered an intuitive talk on the subject of technology within the industry, particularly angled towards millennials and how they are utilising it to their advantage in a way that no other generation has done previously.

Claire Lloyd

Our next guest speaker was Claire Lloyd. Claire has started several successful agencies herself and previously held the position of Vice President at ARLA Propertymark. Through her comprehensive talk, she was able to speak from experience on the issues she has previously faced throughout the years, how she feels the property industry is changing and where she sees the industry progressing to over the next few years.

Talks were then rounded off by myself and one of our other co-founders – Freddy Hoare. This was our chance to formally introduce LevelUP. Our chance to present the services we offer and illustrate how we plan to be the catalysts for change within property management, all whilst delivering a commentary on the industry as a whole.

Technology & Communication

We have touched upon LevelUP being different, but what allows us to say that we are?

The answer is technology.

Our use of technology is not only what makes us different, it’s also what makes us better. This industry is underperforming. We do not want to sugarcoat that because we know it is stuck in its ways and we understand that there needs to be a fresh injection of energy, enthusiasm and care to provide a better service.

A lack of effective communication is one of the serious downfalls of property management. Whether that be the communication between developers / leaseholders and management companies, or the communication of residents reporting their issues and concerns, it all needs addressing. This is where our use of technology really gets the chance to shine.

It was great for us to be able to discuss our 24 hour interactive resident portal, drone maintenance surveys and use of innovative software as our efforts to improve communication.

We were also extremely proud to speak on the ways in which we are utilising social media to give us an edge on our direct competitors, as we are the only property management company who provide our residents the additional means of reporting any problems they encounter over social media messaging – A simple message on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn will alert us of any issues needing to be looked into.

It was also highly valuable for us to be able to discuss the plans we have in the works to develop our own property management app, which will be downloadable to all of our residents, developers and leaseholders alike. The positive feedback we received on this front has only made us more eager to get started on production!

The Experience

As with all we do, we believe experience is everything and felt that our event should be no different.

This is why we were delighted to be able to offer attendees an open bar and bottomless pizza, which was freshly prepared and stone baked right in front of our very eyes. The event was hosted in Gordon Ramsay’s Bread Street Kitchen after all, how could we not?

Want to take a look at some more pictures from the night? You can follow this link to our LevelUP Facebook Page.

Following the event, we have been overwhelmed with the wave of support we have received. Not just for the pizza of course, but fundamentally, for what we are doing.

It is refreshing to hear of so many others who share our mindset that the property management industry is in need of a shift in its priorities. We all know that developers and residents deserve better and through innovation, technology, communication and just straight up care, we hope to restore their faith in our industry once again.

Regardless of whether you were present on the evening, or were unable to attend, we don’t want you to be a stranger. We are all so keen to develop relationships with like-minded people, so if you ever wish to learn more about LevelUP or simply just want to chat property, please do drop either myself or my fellow co founders – Daniel Robinson and Freddy Hoare a message on LinkedIn.



Written by Daniel Robinson on the 7th February, 2019 

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