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Specialist block management in Kent, London, Milton Keynes and the home counties

At LevelUP, we have a shared belief that residents living in flats and block accommodation deserve better. A better service. A better environment. A better home. We also believe that the methods currently employed in block management are outdated – property management is stuck in its ways and it’s our mission to change it. Our block management services in Kent, London and Milton Keynes are designed to inject fresh energy, enthusiasm and life into modern property management. 

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"We are a people first, technology led property management company. We believe in the power of relationships, communication and always providing the power to the customer. Engagement and communication are vital in this industry. We watch, listen, learn and apply to make sure we invest where it will create the biggest impact. Our communication-based digital platform ensures nothing is missed, so you can rest assured that your property is the best it can be ."
Our kent based Block management team

Our block management services

Our services have the long-term interests of developers, property owners and leaseholders at the core of our values. We know that if residents are happy then property owners, leaseholders and developers will reap the rewards. Our experienced block managers are building something meaningful and lasting, providing a better service and happier homes to UK residents with our unique and customer-focused approach. Let’s LevelUP the property management industry.

Quality Resident Customer Service

High-quality customer service is vital to creating a transparent and open communicative space. We pride ourselves on attention to detail, listening and taking on board every word from the customer.

  • Build communities, develop relationships and earn trust
  • We host community days! Summer BBQs, Christmas drinks
  • Attend to routine enquiries and maintenance issues from residents within set timeframes.
  • Dedicated property manager. The industry standard is to have one property manager per 750 units. We make sure our property managers aren’t overloaded
  • 24 hour private secure acceess to residential portal providing live updates.
  • Open, honest and transparent

Property Financial Services

Our transparent and efficient financial services make keeping track of budgets easier than ever. Handling finances in property management shouldn’t mean added stress.

  • Preparation of an annual budget for service charges
  • Billing and collection of service charges
  • Periodic budget report of income, expenditure and cash flows
  • Preparation of information required by appointed accountant
  • Preparation of a reserve fund plan relating to cyclical maintenance
  • Weekly/monthly payment of supplier invoices
  • Arrears collection management

Property Repair and Maintenance

LevelUP deals with all aspects of day to day repairs and maintenance of properties promptly and efficiently. We will also advise on major contract work and the use of specialist professionals and contractors.

  • Trusted and approved contractor database
  • Prompt, efficient delivery of repairs and maintenance
  • Proactive and reactive maintenance specialists
  • Our engineers are fully qualified
  • Advise on major contractor work
  • Advise on the use of specialist professionals and contractors

Bespoke Services

Every block is different, and we understand that each requires a different service. LevelUP can create a bespoke service tailored to the needs of the individual block or property and its residents.

  • Every resident is different, every home is different, every block is different
  • Each require a similar, but different service – tailored to the unique needs of the building and those who live there
  • Your 24/7 resident’s portal is tailored to your block, to help you feel at ease and in control of the place you call home

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Changing the face of block management

Property management isn’t just about bricks and mortar. It’s about creating a home. A place to be safe and sound. We want to change the face of traditional property management. Let’s make this change together, create a two-way engagement and make an impact for the better.


We don’t manage “units” - we manage people’s homes. We care about the wellbeing of our residents and run community days to bring people together.


We deliver a better Block Management service because we use innovative technologies to improve communication and transparency.

Health and Safety

We believe the health & safety of both our residents and the buildings in which they live are of paramount importance.


Technology is why we are different, and it’s why we are better. We use drones, tablets, innovative software and are developing an app!

Where can you find us?

We don’t just offer block management in Kent. We primarily manage blocks in London, South East and the home counties with planned expansion throughout the UK. You can read more about our property management in Kent here.

We also provide: 
Commercial property management 
Residential property management
Serviced accommodation management 

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